Mold Testing Inspection by NJ Trust Inspection Middlesex County NJMold is everywhere and impacts everyone differently. Mold spores are microscopic, and only testing can determine the mold levels in your home. In fact, mold, in its various forms, is often found behind the finished walls of new, renovated, and/or old construction. A physical inspection can be conducted to evaluate the possibility of mold and/or elevated moisture conditions in the home. Mold air samples and/or physical samples may also be obtained and then evaluated by our certified laboratory.

NJ Trust Home Inspections offers mold testing inspections in Middlesex County, Union County, and the surrounding NJ area. In fact, we are intimately familiar with local towns such as WoodbridgeEdisonIselinKeasbeyMetuchenCarteretSouth AmboyPerth AmboyWestfieldClarkRahwayCranford, and all the surrounding towns in these areas of NJ and beyond!

Mold Inspections Prevent Health Problems

A damp indoor environment can lead to mold, and the moisture is not always in plain sight. Mold can produce severe allergens and potentially toxic chemicals known as mycotoxins. It may cause health problems in the average NJ home, and, in some cases, make the property unsafe or uninhabitable. For some, mold can cause respiratory infections and bronchitis. It can cause asthma in otherwise healthy people. People are affected differently when in contact with Mold. It may not bother the seller of a home at all, and yet, it may affect the new home buyer horribly. People diagnosed with certain allergies or asthma may be extremely sensitive to Mold. Children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with respiratory conditions have been known to be affected by Mold. Ultimately, your home should be tested for mold!

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NJ Trust Home Inspections offers a full range of professional and certified home inspection services to homeowners in Middlesex & Union County, as well as all surrounding areas of NJ. Our service is unbiased, and we inspect major components and systems professionally. You deserve to obtain all the information regarding the condition of your property and any future maintenance.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we inspect thoroughly to find out any defects in Structural Systems, Exterior, foundation, Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, Air conditioning units, Insulation, Ventilation, Interiors, and Fireplaces. We make sure to provide an unbiased decision regarding the condition of the house to help our customers to make an informed purchasing decision. Our certified inspection services include home inspections, pre-listing inspections, radon inspections, oil tank sweeps, mold testing, and new construction inspections.

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