Homes built before 1978 may have lead paint. We offer a lead-safe inspection or what may also be known as a HUD lead-based paint visual assessment, as well as lead-based paint sampling that will be sent to an approved lab for testing.

NJ Trust Home Inspections offers lead-safe inspections in Middlesex County, Union County, and the surrounding NJ area. In fact, we are intimately familiar with local towns such as WoodbridgeEdisonIselinKeasbeyMetuchenCarteretSouth AmboyPerth AmboyWestfieldClarkRahwayCranford, and all the surrounding towns in these areas of NJ and beyond!


Lead-Safe Inspection Required In Some HomesLead Safe Paint Inspections Union County NJ Middlesex County NJ

Under P.L. 2021, C. 182, recently enacted in New Jersey, all homes and dwellings are required to be inspected for lead. Due to the law, NJ municipalities must hire a Lead Evaluation Contractor to perform a lead-safe inspection of lead-based paint Inspection. If lead-based paint is found on the property, the owner will be forced to remediate the problem. The owner must also report any renter or tenant turnover to the town, and also provide documentation to prove the abatement has been performed. This must then be provided to any subsequent new purchasers or owners of the property.

Properties that were built after 1978 are exempt from this new law. Properties that have been certified as free of lead-based paint according to NJAC 5:17-3.16(b), including any multiple rental dwellings that have been registered with the Department of Community Affairs for ten years and that also have no outstanding lead violations under the “Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law” are also exempt.


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